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Interference-free and secure supply of rooms and halls with audio signals – also for use in confidential areas

An IR audio transmission system consists of at least one transmitter and one receiver. The transmitter is connected to an audio source and transmits the recorded signals in the form of infrared light pulses wirelessly to the respective receivers. These convert the received light pulses into electrical audio signals and feed them into the hearing components - for example into headphones or a neck loop for inductive direct transmission to hearing aids.

In any case, a technically correct, precise positioning of the emitters is required for optimal signal coverage.

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Infrared transmitter

PRO IR-202

Pro IR-202, dual-channel: modulator and infrared transmitter technology in a single, easy-to-mount/install system.

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PRO IR-400

Pro IR-400, dual-channel: high-performance infrared transmitter, modulator and infrared transmitter technology in a single unit, effective coverage area per transmitter: 900 m² (indoors)

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Infrared receiver


High-performance receiver for infrared signals

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Ergonomically designed chinrest receiver for infrared audio signals

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Wireless headphones with 2-channel IR receiver

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Technical components / accessories

Microphones, pocket transmitter, audio converter, teleloop, chin strap handset, spare batteries

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