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The five human senses are fundamental interfaces to the environment - in small groups, in large groups, at work and in cultural experiences. There's no question: if you can hear well, you can have a say.

Creating technical solutions for barrier-free hearing – that is our mission. We see ourselves as experts with a passion for this. Welcome to the expert dialogue.

Induction loop systems

Supply with inductive audio signals: complete rooms of all sizes, partial supply, such as counter solutions (dialogue zones)

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Infrared systems

Supply of rooms with infrared audio signals, avoidance of »overspill« e.g. multiplex cinema centres, courtrooms etc.

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RF systems

Radio systems for guided tours, simultaneous translation services, hearing assistance and more - mobile and stationary.

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Intercom systems

Intercom systems for areas with protective glazing.

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AUDIOropa is a Bettear certified distributor

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