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»xepton-NX« – moderation and communication system for clear, lively voice transmission

The »xepton-NX« programme, presented and described on the following pages, forms the basis for a wide range of applications. From unidirectional tour guide systems and interpreter applications to professional dialogue and intercom configurations, the system proves to be a convenient solution - both for portable use and when using stationary components.

The large audio frequency range that »xepton-NX« opens up is a feature of quality. Voice reproduction becomes more transparent and recorded media sound has a more authentic effect on the listeners.

The system consists of a pocket transmitter, two receiver types – pocket receiver and stethoset receiver – and a transceiver for mobile dialogue applications. A stationary transmitter is also available.

Light in weight and compact in design, the transmitters and receivers, including a stethoset receiver, are comfortable to wear.

The menu of the components, which can be accessed via the display, is navigated via three keys and is so conveniently structured that literally anyone can operate it.

Both types of application – unidirectional and bidirectional – allow parallel communication in several groups, for example simultaneous moderation in different languages or simultaneous tours of several groups in close proximity.

Encryption for more security in communication

For use in security-sensitive and/or confidential environments, AUDIOropa offers individually encrypted configurations of »xepton-NX« for the respective tasks on request.

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»xepton-NX« – audio transmission technology for mobile and stationary applications

»xepton-NX« TX

»xepton-NX« TX for unidirectional applications such as visitor tours or interpreter services, radio frequency 863-865 MHz, range up to 80 m

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»xepton-NX« TR

Stationary transmitter »xepton-NX« TR for unidirectional applications, design for rack mounting, radio frequency 863-865 MHz, range up to 80 m

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»xepton-NX« RX

The pocket receiver has two outputs for connecting hearing components, standard or individual

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»xepton-NX« RX-U

Chinrest receiver: Convenient volume control, automatic on/off switch when putting on and taking off, weight 70 g (incl. battery)

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»xepton-NX« TRX

Transmitter/receiver unit for dialogue applications, such as team communication, sport, professional/industrial environment (use of several TRX transceivers required), radio frequency 863-865 MHz, range up to 80 m

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Charging systems / Charging and transport cases / Accessories

Charging stations, storage and charging cases, holders, headsets, microphones and more

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