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»xepton« – the latest portable audio transmission technology

2.4 GHz tour guide and communication system – as versatile and variable as your tasks – at a surprisingly affordable price!

Configure your »xepton« system as you need it

Choose a one-way tour system (TX-1 / T-1R / RX-1 / RXU-1) for guided tours of the factory, trade fairs and cultural tours, or use the bidirectional communication system (TRX-1) to create a steady radio link in conversations or interactive communication, for example in teamwork.


A convenient solution for integrating hearing aid wearers and wearers of CI systems into visitor guides.

Connecting a neckloop to the receiver »xepton RX-1« allows inductive transmission directly to hearing aids or cochlear implant systems with integrated T-coil. This way, you can also reach people which are hard of hearing within your audience.


Attractive pricing!

The "xepton" system is exactly adapted to the requirements of tour guide and communication applications in terms of its performance features - and is pleasantly free of any clutter. Consequently, you don't pay a single cent for functionalities you don't need. This also makes "xepton" extremely inexpensive compared to other tour guide systems. Compare and see for your self!

The essential performance features

  • Easy to use, with outstanding speech comprehension – even in harsh or noisy environments
  • Discreet presentation in places that do not permit noisy guided tours, such as museums or churches
  • One- or two-way operation offering versatility for a large array of applications (guided tours indoors and outdoors, simultaneous interpretation, lectures, conferences, …)
  • Reliable audio connection, even if the listeners disperse themselves at the location of the presentation and move outside vocal calling distance or loose eye contact.
  • Interference-free wireless transmission with crystal-clear sound via the 2.4 GHz band 
  • Up to 150 m range indoors or outdoors
  • Easy to use: anyone can operate it
  • Status control via LCD display 
  • Up to 20 hours of service per battery charge
  • Connection of various audio components such as headphones, earphones, inductive neck loops is possible
  • Stethoset receiver, a unique device unifying both the receiver and headphones, presenting many advantages 
  • The system offers a personal and discreet listening experience to anyone with inductive technology in their hearing aid or cochlear implants – without the need for additional equipment
  • A wide range of accessories (charger case, stationary transmitter etc.) is available for the system, in order to suit each application

The portable components

Light in weight and small in size, the portable devices are comfortable to carry on your body and anyone can use them without effort!

a) Transmitter "xepton" TX-1 (unidirectional) for presentations/guided tours in connection with the receivers »xepton« RX-1 and/or »xepton« RX-1U

b) Receiver "xepton" RX-1 with connector for various hearing components, as a receiver for visitors in tour guide applications

c) Stethoscope receiver "xepton" RX-1U as a receiver for visitors in tour guide applications - a further benefit: The hairstyle stays in shape when using the device.

d) Transmitter/receiver unit "xepton" TRX-1 (bidirectional) for two-way communication applications such as team teaching and all applications where high audio quality is required.

Stationary components

The stationary rack transmitter T-1R, a version of the T-1 specially designed for mounting within 19" racks.

The Stationary Repeater RP-1, a signal amplifier, extends the range of the audio transmission system "xepton" in connection with the stationary T-1 or the portable TRX-1 transmittes by approx. 400 meters each.

Xepton in action: Three standard application- and configuration examples


Example 1: xepton as a tour guide system (one-way)

Basic configuration:
A »xepton TX-1« transmitter with a headset or plug-in microphone for the speaker and any number of »xepton RX-1« receivers with hearing components as needed (e.g. headphones or neckloops) for the listeners.

The connection between transmitter and receivers (group assignment) can take place before the transmission begins, and is easy to use for the speaker and the listeners alike.

Example 2: xepton in team communication (two-way)

Basic configuration:
Multiple »xepton TRX-1« transceiver units, each with microphone headsets. The system allows for 40 selectable channel groups, with up to 100 incorporated devices. Up to 3 TRX-1 transceivers can talk/send at the same time per channel group.

Example 3: xepton in conference and lecture rooms

Basic configuration:
»xepton T-1« stationary transmitter (unidirectional), speaker microphone and any number of »xepton RX-1« receivers with hearing components as needed (e.g. headphones, or for inductive direct transmission: neckloops) for listeners.


»xepton« offers a wide range of accessory components for different applications and combinations [more]